Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County

Jewish family servicesThe Herb Amster Center is the social enterprise division of Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County. The Center’s mission is to enhance economic stability for individuals and families in the community by developing revenue-generating businesses for JFS. By increasing revenue, the Center will reduce JFS’ dependence on grant and foundation funding. The Herb Amster Center’s training and development business is among its first and most notable revenue-producing achievements. Building on the internal expertise of staff, the Center offers trainings to client businesses in three distinct areas: ‘Diversity’, ‘Health and Wellness’ and ‘Professional Skill Development’. Training sessions are custom developed and useful to entities within a wide variety of sectors. The two primary effects of these trainings are enhancing talent and supporting employees. Through myriad corporate training classes, including but not limited to topics such as Cultural Sensitivity, Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Communications and Conflict Management, the Amster Center enables employers to support their teams, and facilitates professional development which results in tangible success such as increased productivity, focus and satisfaction.