Site Captain

Are you interested in being a team captain for a clean-up site? Here are some things you’ll need to know. Site captains are the primary contact person to the planning committee. The site captains are supposed to know what work needs to be done and will help organize the volunteers on site the day of Proud to make sure the work gets accomplished for a safe and fun day. We encourage site captains to visit their site in advance to get an idea for what can be accomplished in the allotted three hours that the volunteers will be there. Site captains wear a bright yellow t-shirt that is different from the volunteers, so they can be easily identified in an emergency. The site captains are also the people we will contact to determine what flowers are desired for their site and if they need mulch.

A site captain is responsible for making sure the team has everything they need to have fun and be safe: first-aid kits, gloves, bags, etc. They just have to attend one mandatory meeting before the event to get the items their team will need, and to pick up a roster that lists the names of the volunteers who have requested that site. They should also plan to attend the post-event picnic to return their rosters and supplies to the Proud committee.

All you need is a cellphone. You would contact the planning committee if your team needs anything during the clean-up, or contact an emergency responder if the need arises. We encourage all team captains to take photos of their team at the site as well. A picture could be worth a thousand new volunteers!

Contact Barbara Davenport, at 734-214-0104 if you are interested in being a site captain.