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Lamberson Knight Wealth Management, LLC is an Ann Arbor based independent registered investment advisory firm assisting institutional and private clients in their search for financial solutions. Our commitment and goal is to deliver honest, holistic and innovative strategies that help our clients build, preserve and manage their wealth. Whether it’s an individually tailored managed mutual fund or ETF portfolio, a financial plan, annuities or legacy planning, experience shows us that ever individual, business or family’s needs are unique. By truly getting to know our clients and what is important to them including their objectives, needs, concerns and current financial challenges, we are provided with the framework and bases for achieving their ultimate financial goals now and in the future.

It is not just our initial review, consultation, investment selection or portfolio on which we focus.  We continuously monitor, review and formulate potential new strategies with our clients to insure their current investments are in tune with an ever changing marketplace and aligned with lifetime needs or goals that may have changed over time. It is this consistent and timely interaction we build with our clients that sets us apart from other firms.

“Our Client’s objectives, interests, needs and concerns always come first”

One of the most significant aspects of Lamberson Knight is our mutual fund and ETF managed portfolios. Our research and selection process combines the benefits of diversified asset allocation with a personal investment strategy individually tailored to meet your needs based on extensive in-depth review of your objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, other assets and any other information required to design a portfolio which is intended to assist in meeting your goals and expectations.   We can structure different portfolio models ranging from conservative to aggressive or growth vs value.  We employ style diversification along with asset class and sector diversification which may reduce volatility and enhance returns.  As is the case with all our investments, we continuously monitor our selected funds, ratings, management and many other factors that may affect their performance.

Many clients have a very low tolerance for risk, whether it’s in their lives or investment portfolio.  We have many solutions in both categories to address those concerns.  It is part of our holistic approach t0 achieve our client’s overall financial wellbeing.

wealth mgmtIf you are interested in a complementary portfolios analysis, to learn more about our mutual fund and ETF research and selection process or would just like to discuss your financial challenges, please contact John Knight.   John has over thirty years of experience in securities trading, portfolio management and product development.  Prior to forming Lamberson Knight Wealth Management John was President and CEO of Lamberson Knight Securities, a financial advisor and portfolio manager with Morgan Stanley and headed up the short term fixed income department at Shearson/American Express.  He was born and raised in Michigan, has three children and lives in Ann Arbor.

Lamberson Knight Wealth Management, LLC

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