Member Spotlight: Oopgo


patrickOopgo is a start-up company providing services in advanced Digital Marketing Intelligence.

It specializes in providing solutions in the areas of insight, customer experience and feedback, with direct application to all areas of e-commerce (retail, financial institutions, travel, hospitality, insurance, transportation, healthcare, and others).

Digital marketing is enhanced by Oopgo’s intelligent tracking that provides continuous multi- dimensional monitoring and strategies’ guidance for maximal effectiveness.

Direct benefits to a business are numerous and include increased ROI, streamlined customer service and dispute resolution, higher efficiency, enhanced visibility and lead generation while closely monitoring marketing initiatives and the competition.

In summary, whether you are a small business considering a web presence or an enterprise looking to optimize your online operations, contact Oopgo and let us start a dialogue.

Patrick Haddad – Oopgo’s CEO – has a background in Business and Computer Science. He started several companies in California from 2006 to 2011, offering services utilized by over 5000 companies
worldwide, including over 10% of all fortune 500 companies.

Oopgo incorporated in Delaware in June 2011, opened an office in California, registered in Michigan the following year and is offering services to businesses of all sizes and city governments.

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