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Supporting Small Business Growth and Development


-SCORE’s Mission

-Facilitate small business creation, growth, and success.

-Reduce small business failure rate.


-Small Business Facts in MI

-857,000 small businesses employing 1.7 million workers.

-50% of the private workforce is employed in small business.

-Key driver of local economic development.


-Who We Are

-Retired or still-working volunteer professionals with business acumen in all aspects of business planning, management and operations.

-A direct partner of the Small Business Administration.

-Part of a nationwide network of 300 local chapters and over 11,000 volunteers.


-What We Do

-Mentor, coach, educate, train and advise entrepreneurs & small business.

-Provide ongoing support as businesses grow and move to advanced stages.

-Collaborate with SBA, SBDC, SPARK, local Chambers, WCC Entrepreneurial Ctr. & other area resources.

-Service Washtenaw, Lenawee, Livingston, Jackson, & Western Wayne.

-Mentoring is always free and confidential.

-Adhere to a strict code of ethics.


-AA SCORE Success Metrics (2015)

-831 mentoring sessions (38% considering a business; 29% just starting; 33% already in business).61 workshops with 1,556 participants (includes co-sponsored events).

-111 new businesses started; 175 jobs created

-94% of clients already in business increased revenue.

-64% female clients; 36% male

-91% Satisfaction: (2015 Client Survey Question “SCORE Helped Me”


Volunteer to become a SCORE mentor and/or teach workshops through SCORE in your area of expertise.  Click on “Contact Us” from the SCORE website.

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