Member Spotlight: Kelly Klever Massage

kellyKleverThis past September Kelly Klever Massage had the Grand Opening of their new professional massage office on the West Side of Ann Arbor. Kelly Klever Massage offers both the unique experience of Therapeutic Medical Massage (relief of chronic and acute pain) and Relaxation Massage for individuals and corporations.

can access services at Kelly Klever Massage’s professional office setting     where massages are customized to meet their needs.

Corporations are offered on-site massage to improve work/wellness balance. Massages are designed to enhance event marketing, corporate wellness opportunities, em
ployee reward programs, customer appreciation activities and more.

Kelly Klever is passionate about natural health and wellness, the environment and sharing those interests with others. She believes through massage she can help enhance the lives of those in her community. “Going Green” is what she strives to make her company by using organic sheets, natural lotions/oils and eco-friendly cleaning products.

To Contact Kelly Klever:
Twitter: @K2Massage
Facebook: Kelly Klever Massage
Address: 180 Jackson Plaza, Ann Arbor MI 48103 (AAIMT Building)