Ashish Joshi, Managing Partner of Lorandos Joshi

AJ-Photo-(1)Ashish Joshi is the Managing Partner of Lorandos Joshi, a boutique litigation firm with global capabilities serving a broad spectrum of legal needs for individuals, families and businesses.

Our diverse client base spans national and international boundaries, including states like New York, California, Michigan and Hawaii; and countries like India, the U.K., Belgium, Mexico and China.

What our clients have in common is that they are facing serious, legal challenges that threaten the life of their business, the health of their family or the loss of their freedom. They are uncertain how to proceed; but they know that only an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable litigation attorney can help them overcome their difficulties—and even the odds.

We are the firm to call. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan but represent and counsel clients across the nation and internationally.