Back2Roots Bistro is an exciting new addition to Ann Arbor’s Main Street restaurant food options. In a beautiful and tastefully appointed contemporary ambiance, this unique eatery incorporates an overall concept of wellness, pioneered in the area by Dr. Swaroop Bhojani, a radiation oncology researcher, previously at the University of Michigan, and founder of Hut-K-Chaat. Locally sourcing its GMO free ingredients, using no white sugars or preservatives, every item served at Back2Roots is real, without any synthetic flavors or colors – the only restaurant in Ann Arbor that can claim this distinction. Of special importance are herbs and spices that are used fresh as well as dried to add bold flavors while providing the body with a plethora of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, phytonutrients and minerals. Science and nutrition aside, customer reviews for the food have been exceptional. The new tastes, flavors, textures and their innovative combinations have been a gastronomic and visual delight. A perfect marriage of taste and nutrition!


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