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The College of Education

Eastern Michigan University

E-COEWho were the first leaders to train teachers after Americans left New England and started settling the rest of the continent? The institution today known as Eastern Michigan University opened in 1849 as the first place to train teachers west of the Allegheny Mountains. This long tradition of producing great educators, leaders, speech and language specialists, and counselors continues to today. Graduates of the College of Education are highly sought by school districts and other employers. Our alums have achieved many recognitions and positions of prominence.

The College offers a comprehensive range of programs—bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees (many with online and off-campus options)—and extensive non-degree and certification learning experiences. EMU’s College of Education is close to the homes of many individuals considering coming here. It is rated as a “best buy” for a quality education at an affordable price. There is a large, diverse and “user-friendly” faculty with a wide range of world-class expertise and experience. The College’s are firmly committed to community engagement with a focus on supporting children, families, schools, and communities in southeast Michigan.

You can find out more about the College at http://www.emich.edu/coe/ or like us on Facebook /EMUCOE or Twitter @EMUCOE.