General Systems Consulting & The LEAD Institute

Your partner in change and transformation in the areas of strategy, culture and change.

Every organization is different and becoming a high performance organization does not happen by accident. Since 1972 we’ve worked closely with clients to help them address the challenges associated with organizational performance, growth, learning and change. Our clients tell us our capabilities in Strategy, Culture, Leadership & Teamwork are the critical missing pieces to solving their high performance puzzle.

Take Advantage of our upcoming workshops or set up a no obligation meeting to start a conversation about solving your high performance puzzle.

Upcoming Workshops

Assertive Leadership & Influence for Women – June 7-8 <> Holiday Inn Zeeb Rd.

Leadership Skills & Style Development – June 27-29 <> The Ann Arbor Regent

LEAD Program for High Potential Managers – July 10-13 <> The Ann Arbor Regent

Enhancing Influence – August 10 <> Holiday Inn Zeeb Rd.