Member Spotlight: DTE Energy

Taking Measure of Your Business

Free. That sounds good, doesn’t it? In truth, free is more than good, it’s great, and it’s the price of a professional Business Energy Consultation (BEC) from DTE Energy. No business owner can afford to pass up this opportunity to reduce energy costs and increase profitability.  When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your business, DTE is committed to helping Michigan business owners reduce energy costs. If you succeed, Michigan succeeds. We can’t think of a better reason to offer this free consultation.

The BEC is for every business owner and it can help anyone save on energy costs. It doesn’t matter if your enterprise is large, small or in between. This detailed and extensive energy
consultation service is available to all our customers, both natural gas and electric.

Request your Free Business Energy Consultation

What’s not to like about a free BEC that can demonstrate how you can improve the energy efficiency and profitability of your business? Our energy educators will install free upgrade equipment in your place of business and provide a complete energy analysis. To schedule your free BEC today, call a DTE Energy Consultant at 855-234-7335. Find out more.

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