Member Spotlight: Martopia

Christi-Rankin-Photo-(1)Martopia Public Relations Group (MPRG) is a Michigan-based public relations practice with offices in the Ann Arbor, Charlotte, Chicago, and Denver areas. The firm helps clients create excitement and build awareness for their companies, products, services, people, culture and causes. It also works with clients to transform crises, build reputational equity, and tell their unique stories in a way that is authentic, engages their stakeholders and influences outcomes.

With a diverse group of PR professionals that range from Baby Boomers to Millenials, the MPRG team brings impeccable public relations credentials and an insatiable hunger for results that keeps them focused and motivated every day.

So is it all blue skies and sunshine at MPRG? Yes it is – not only because the MPRG office has blue sky ceiling panels, but because a well-planned and well-executed public relations program connects companies and their audiences in ways that can make a positive difference. It can help shape the discussion, make a measurable impact on brand awareness, boost credibility, help bridge divides, change minds, and inspire action.

From the Fortune 200 to the start-up entrepreneur, MPRG has been there and promises to bring value to the conversation.

(Martopia’s President, Christi Rankin)