Member Spotlight: SRI International

SRI International is a nonprofit, independent research and innovation center providing government and industry with basic and applied research, laboratory and advisory services, technology development and licenses, deployable systems, products, and venture opportunities.

SRI bridges the critical gap between research universities or national laboratories and industry. We move R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace to create high value and real innovation. Our innovations have led to new industries and products that impact people’s lives every day—from the computer mouse and interactive computing to medical ultrasound, cancer drugs, and much more.

SRI works on some of the world’s most important problems, collaborating across technical disciplines to spark new ideas and solutions. We believe in open innovation, bringing the best talent to the challenge at hand.
SRI’s Ann Arbor, Michigan, office is an element of the Engineering R&D Division, with research interests in remote sensing and telecommunications.

SRI’s Phase 1 Clinical Trial and Strategic Development Services unit in Plymouth, Michigan, will be operational in mid-2014. This state-of-the-art facility will provide biotech companies, university investigators, and start-ups clients with an agile, top-tier development organization with the capacity to carry programs from concept to clinic and beyond.