Member Spotlight: Ann Arbor Arms (A3)

A3Ann Arbor Arms (A3) is a family owned business that was created out of the enthusiasm and passion for shooting sports, coupled with the love and concern for protection and wellbeing of friends and family. The core of the store and its mission is at the heart of what we have always followed and believed: Have access to high quality products for the everyday person to ensure the safety and security of their family and friends. We are more than just a gun store!

Whether it’s a global financial crisis, solar flares, or, if you’re worried about raising crime rates, losing power during an average snowstorm, driving into a ditch and having to walk home, or gearing up for an average outdoor adventure we want to help provide the best products to help you protect yourself and your family from harm. Education is the best way to ensure a prepared society, so A3 also offers a wide variety for courses, from basic gun information to emergency medical care.

We look forward to serving you and providing the best customer service possible. No one can anticipate all needs so come into Ann Arbor Arms and let us help you prepare.

Contact A3 at (734) 531-6650 or visit their website at