the kite network

the kite network

the kite network is a local, nonprofit organization that provides community education and support to adults who are grieving the loss of a loved one. the kite network was formed to:

lift the spirits and lives of those struggling with grief

– provide love and support

– help them live a full life after loss


Peer to Peer Grief Support: the kite network utilizes a unique peer-to-peer model through which community volunteers, who have themselves endured loss, are trained to provide compassionate support to individuals who have suffered a more recent loss. kite network Peer Counselors meet with their clients weekly to offer ongoing support and provide a model of hope for living a full life after loss. the kite network is currently accepting new clients including adults who have lost a child, spouse/partner, sibling, parent, or close friend. the kite network is always welcoming new Peer Counselors, and all services are offered free of charge.


Community Education: the kite network conducts educational programs for businesses, service providers, and community groups to build a community supportive of those in grief. Educational topics include how to create a workplace that is welcoming to those who have experienced a loss, what to say and what not to say to someone is grieving, and what to expect when you are grieving. Materials and presentations are available upon request.


For more information about the kite network please see our website at, call us at 734-975-0238, or email


Together we can lift lives darkened by grief.