Ypsilanti P.R.I.D.E. Spotlight: University Office Technologies



At the Ypsilanti P.R.I.D.E Day on Saturday, May 18th, University Office Technologies participated to beautify the community. With almost 100% of employees in attendance, the company did an amazing job on the Ypsilanti Senior Center Rose Garden. In order to attract more participants from the company, University Office Technologies offered an incentive to its employees. If 10 people participated, they received one full vacation day. If 20 people volunteered, employees received two full days off work. In the end, the office reached their goal of two days off work.
Joe Green, Senior Account Manager at University Office Technologies, said the company hopes to not have to do the incentive again next year, but will if needed. The results were worth it. Everyone wants to give back to the community, but driving 30 to 40 miles to the area on a Saturday can be difficult.

While the employees received their reward, the real beneficiary was the Ypsilanti Senior Center. Stop by soon to check out the amazing work this crew did on the garden!